Agroman Senegal Water

We build a new future with one of the best technologies.

About us

We are a spanish company with more than 25 years of experience in the sector. We have been selling ferrous and non-ferrous materials around the world for many years.

We have worked extensively in the financing of industrial and infrastructure projects in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa, such as:

Renewable energy
Juice factories
Recycling facilities
Waste and drinking water processing facilities

Main project

We decided, at the time, to create AGROMAN with one objective: to try to alleviate the lack of water in Africa.

After many years working around the world, we decided to invest in Africa. The lack of access to water was a problem that worried us. That’s why we decided to open our horizons and embark on other projects: water bottling.

Situation that we are going to solve:

At regional level

It is a necessary solution due to the scarcity of drinking water in the area and the long distance between the regions along with the poor road infrastructure.

At national level

Provide the consumer with a palatable, totally natural product with mineral-medicinal properties that contribute to the health of the body, and has the highest quality and best prices on the market.

Other projects

Water bottling machine

We have our own registered bottled water brand “DIO” and a project for a mineral water bottling factory.

Mango juice factory

We have several farmers and mango distribution companies, such as a juice factory project.

Well drilling

We have a well in the Linguére region allowing us to provide bottled mineral water between the towns neighboring the region. (Touba,Louga, Saint Louis)